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King's Fork High School Supports BLOCK BAND!

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Happy Birthday BLOCK BAND from Saginaw HS

It gives me great pleasure to write this for Block Band Music and Publishing. They have a staff of excellent musicians, sales representatives, and well-rounded individuals. I have had the unique pleasure of working with Block Band for the past four years. The service has been second to none and I look forward to working with Block Band in the future.

Adrian Wright, Director of Bands
Dillon High School

"As a veteran arranger and marching band clinician with over 20 years experience, I applaud Block Band Music for giving people a one-stop shop for everything that your band will need to get to the next level.  I have had times where I've referenced Block Band to others when I haven't had time in my busy schedule to handle the request myself.  Mr. Waters, keep doing what you do."
Warren Shaw
"Block Band has been a valuable asset this year to our Marching and Concert Band at Lakewood High School. We are a new multifaceted program that offers diversity in musical experiences, performing abroad, and service in our community. We are only able to successfully provide these services with a great company like Block Band Music & Publishing. I can recall several times this season when we needed marching equipment and music within a short time frame...If you are a director, musician, or one that supports the arts, I highly recommend using Block Band for your next musical purchase and consultation."
Michael Kernodle, Director of Bands
Lakewood High School, St. Petersburg, FL
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