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traditional music arrangement
Lift every horn and swing from the intro to the end! March on victoriously to the sounds your band will harmonize in this upbeat arrangement of an American Anthem!
Drum up some unity in your community when your band performs this arrangement at your next community event! Step off to the syncopated sounds pulsed by the percussion! A unified melody makes a bold statement for the first verse, with the upper voices taking charge in the second. Next, a resounding chorus is followed by a rousing key change, continuing the anticipation, and finally, a surprise 'Happy Birthday to You' ending! A must-have for your band!

Marching Band
Block Band can provide customized Arrangements to fit your particular band. We pride ourselves on being able to write for Showstyle bands of any Size – Group size A, B, C, D, or E and of any Style – Southwest, Southeast, North (click the link for a sample of each style).
(Please note: the bands shown in these clips are not playing arrangements created by Block Band nor do they endorse Block Band Music & Publishing, LLC in any way. These bands shown are leaders in their style and good indicators of how your music will sound depending on your choice of arrangement style.)
Please send us an email with any requests for music that you might have.

Try BLOCK BAND! Have some free music! Sample a few of our high quality arrangements in our ever growing catalog.

BLOCK BAND is offering...FOR FREE! That's right! NO COST!

"One More Time" is an up-tempo dance-pop hit that will electrify audiences and your students will be energized!

Build your book and grow your musicians with Block Band! Your band will "put it down" on the fields and in the stands when they crank  the sweet sounds of Maroon 5's"Sugar"! Plenty of musical challenge for your wind players, and the included percussion parts keep things movin' and groovin'! 

Speaking of movin' and groovin'....we also are offering your band program an outstanding arrangement of "Before I Let Go" by Maze featuring Frankie Beverly! Let this signature band theme rock your stands each and every time your band cranks it! Great rhythms and harmonies for your musicians and groove for your crowds! 

"Get Lucky" by Block Band- The Original Version (for size C Band)
*A Group C band is a larger band program that gets full representation from all instrument sections. * This challenging song will get your students to work focusing on syncopation. Once mastered you'll be able to show any band program who's got the best musicians.

"Get Lucky" by Block Band - Group B Size Version
A group B size band is a medium-sized program that has full upper voices and lower voices but may be missing some of the middle voices. This version strips down some of the intricate parts to focus on the strengths of a band of this size. This arrangement is still a powerhouse and is still challenging enough to blow away your competition! 

If you are ready to rock the stands and get the crowd hype, Block Band's got Lil' Boosie's "Show The World" as a powerful stands song for your band. This one's got all the features of a power song but your opponent won't be ready for the modulation at the end. Check our music catalog to see (and hear) what more is in store!  Team up these winning arrangements with shoes, spats, gloves, sticks, drumheads and other products to get your band performance sharp!
To request or purchase Block Band arrangements, 
please email or call (919) 698-2560.

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