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About Us
Mission Statement: To connect talented musicians with the tools they need to perform.
Vision Statement: Bringing showstyle bands to a waiting world.
Business Philosophy: Second to the church, there is no greater, positive organization that supports the African-American community than the showstyle marching band. Scattered throughout the U.S., these organizations provide students with:
  • Father/Mother figures through the band directors;
  • Uplifting relationships with other adults (i.e. band boosters, band staff members);
  • Positive relationships with students, drum majors and section leaders;
  • Leadership skills;
  • Discipline;
  • Relationship with music spread over different cultures and decades;
  • Academic stimulation;
  • Opportunity to travel, and
  • Exercise.
Despite all of the benefits of these organizations, there is not a single company whose mission it is to provide the services these programs need. Block Band Music & Publishing rises to the challenge to fill in the gap.
Block Band helps these programs to continue to function by providing them with:
  • Challenging and interesting music;
  • Instruments;
  • Equipment and Accessories (i.e. flags, reeds, books, etc…);
  • Instruction.
We strive to do accomplish our vision in the most convenient manner possible. Band directors are almost always at their wits' end contacting multiple vendors to meet their various needs, expending their energy and taking time away from their students. With Block Band, the band director can make a single phone call, send an email or text message to contact us for everything they need. Block Band is not, however, limited to showstyle bands. Although showstyle bands are our focus, we provide great service and affordable pricing to band programs of all styles and cultures.
Business Hours
Mon - Sat: 9AM – 10:00 pm (EST)
Sun: Closed
Block Band Music & Publishing, LLC.
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